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During hese hard times, we understand the importance of cost saving alternatives. Thermoseal takes pride in developing new products and innovations to serve our valued customers. We have serviced the glass industry for over 50 years. In the past year, we have expanded and acquired a state-of-the-art, fully automated For.El. Insulated Glass assembly line, created a new commercial refrigerator door system and designed new electrically, heated insulating glass products. We work hard to ensure your satisfaction and we value the trust you have placed in our company. The follow are beneficial cost saving tips just for you:

  • Conver Triple Insulating Glass (IG) units to High Performance Double IG units.

    Triple pane IG units are no longer the leader in high performance. A coated lite of glass on the outside of the unit, combined with argon filling, is a better thermal unit and can save you money. These units are easier to handle, cheaper to transport, and can make you "Green".
  • Repair those glass scratches - no need to throw those units away.

    If your glass unit gets scratched in the installation process, it can be repaired if the scratch isn't too deep. Call us and we'll tell you what you need to create your own scratch polishing kit, or we'll sell you a ClearCool® Glass Polishing Kit for $1,499.
  • Convert to reusable metal racks and save on packaging and disposal costs.

    If you buy sufficient quantities of a unit, you can eliminate box charges and use returnable metal racks. These racks are stackable and can be returned monthly to Thermoseal (FOB). The rack charge will be credited to you upon return of the racks.
  • Recycle packaging materials to reduce your purchasing and disposal costs.

    Join our many customers who converted to reusable cardboard interleaving, and recycle the cardboard wedges. We'll provide you the bins to hold the material and arrange pick-up when the bin is full.