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Hotel using insulated glass windows


Thermoseal designed, build and delivered the first:

  • 48 Square Foot heated IG unit ever built in North America (believed to be the largest heated IG ever built at the time of its construction)
  • Heated IG unit made with bent glass
  • Dual-heated, six (6) pane IG unit for extremely low temperature environmental test chamber applications
  • Electrically-heated IG units for residential indoor pool in North America
  • Electrically-heated IG units for commercial skylight / entryway at an extreme Northern Canadian International airport

Thermoseal also designed, built and delivered:

  • Dual-seal insulation of heavy laminated privacy glass for Midwest prison application
  • Dual-seal insulation of high-performance low-E/argon laminated glass for large HUD project in New York metropolitan area
  • Single-seal insulation of standard double-glazed and high performance double glazed units for large patio door fabricator
  • Single-seal insulation of wire-glass double glazed units for large housing project

In 2008, Thermoseal acquired a state-of-the-art automated insulating glass production line. This automated process utilizing SuperSpacerTM, Thermoseal continues to be on the forefront of warm edge technology.

In 2014, Thermoseal received Intertek Certification for electrical safety (ETL-Listed) of our electrically-heated insulating Glass units and for food safety (ETL-Sanitation Listed) for our entire production line of ClearCoolTM door and viewport systems.

Since its inception in 1956, Thermoseal has sold in excess of 10 million insulating glass units to the commercial refrigeration, oven, test laboratory, and architectural markets.